September 17, 2005

Long Time Gone

I've been moving, and just got my dsl back on. Hello to all new readers. The tirades will resume shortly.

I do want to say a few words that have occurred to me about the hurricane. First, I've heard some of the folks who were sheltering in the convention center say they thought they were being left to die. Because they were poor and black. I don't know if they were right, but what does it say about our country, the state of Louisiana, and the city of New Orleans that they could even think that? It reminded me of some of the rumors coming out of Iraq. Have you heard the one about US soldiers planting a bomb in the back of an old man's vegetable truck. They were trying to make it look like he was a suicide bomber. Also, there were a whole lot of poor white people in Mississippi and Alabama getting ignored too.

Second, I want to welcome the guests at Camp Dawson. Our KKK was more against Catholics than blacks. We've never had enough black people here to merit racism. Instead, the charges of "stealing our jobs" and "criminals" were laid on the Italian, Polish and Eastern European immigrants. One of them is Governor now.

Third, was the delay in the federal government's response to the disaster because Cheney had to give his buddies the (no-bid) "reconstruction" contracts? Did you know that Halliburton got a big piece of those contracts?

And finally, everyone seems to have forgotten what was going on when I last had dsl. Namely, KARL ROVE OUTED A SPY. Ask John Roberts about that.