May 08, 2007

The World Wants To Know

Last night I went to Nashville to see the opening show of the Polyphonic Spree tour. With me were my boyfriend and a new convert. We waited almost 2 hours at Nashville's City Hall, a big brick room that promised plentiful echoes, for the show to start. The concert opened and closed with new songs, which made up about half of the material. From the moment the full band kicked in I couldn't have noticed echoes if there were any. Although I counted only 14 people on stage the sound was bigger than anything I'd ever heard. The smallish but happy crowd listened attentively to the new songs and jumped and waved for the older, familiar ones. It felt as if the band had played about 6 songs when Tim called last song and very soon the stage was empty. The encore was everything I had hoped for. The 05' tour robes were back, the band resumed the stage by parading through the crowd, and the extended set of older material left us much happier than the somewhat ambiguous ending of the show proper.
If anyone made a bootleg of the show I'd love to know about it. I'll be looking for video clips on youtube.
If the Spree are coming to your town or anywhere within 5 hours, GO!

Thank you Tim and company. Thank You.