March 02, 2010

Thanks Senator Bunning

Where were these fiscal conservatives when their boy George got us into all this debt? Why do they always pass the bill to the little guy. I paid for their wars and tax cuts and in return they cut my unemployment. Not that they cut my taxes mind you. That didn't happen until Obama's payroll deduction cut.

Where were these small government types when their boy George created a whole new Cabinet post and the Department of Homeland Security? I guess more bureaucracy is good for national security but bad for health care. Homeland Security didn't catch the underwear bomber even after his own father tried to turn him in. Why don't we get rid of it and use the money to insure people. If that sounds kind of crazy then try this. Dismantle Homeland Security and give their budget to the FBI, the CIA, the TSA and all the other agencies who are actually doing the work and who need the money. Maybe if we quit paying for so many supervisors we could get some analysts and start connecting some dots.

I know where the fiscally conservative, small government types were when their boy George was trashing the country. They were in the Senate. Thanks for sticking to your principles when it counts, folks.