June 22, 2009

Iran Election

courtesy of Cagle's cartoon page

The Meek SHALL Inherit Nothing

The title of this blog is taken from a song by Frank Zappa, who also said "There's a big difference between kneeling down and bending over."

Here's to you, Iran.
"dont be afraid, dont be afraid, we are all together"
"today we have hidden cameras in good locations ready to give u film"

RIP Neda Soltani 1982-2009
The world sleeps worse tonight because of your eyes.

April 17, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party Bloomington, IN

While many cities held their tea parties in the morning or early afternoon, Bloomington, in an obvious move to boost attendance, waited until 5 pm to start. That didn't stop over a hundred people from being on hand, many carrying large signs.

Notable signs were racist "Chains We Can Believe In" and frightening "Veterans Need Guns?" with a phone number. Far outnumbering these oddities were protests of government spending, mortgage bailouts, government in general, and Obama in particular.

This was strong Ron Paul country during the election. Many of the people here seem to be from this group. They didn't seem too uncomfortable about palling around with "fellow travelers" like racists and Limbaugh listening conspiracy nuts.

Look at this terrible button some sweet little old lady was wearing. She was proud to show it to me for a close-up.

The attendance wound up at around 250 with people arriving during the entire two hour event. At 7 pm organizers adjourned to the deck of Kilroys, reserved in advance, for a meet & greet. There were no speakers except for the organizers, local men Spencer Leiter and Doug Parker.

More photos:

That last one says "IMPEACH OBAMA The First Illegal President"

March 14, 2009

The whole point of having a blog is...

Today's browse of happy sites turned up some stuff that I found myself wishing to share with someone. Since there's no one handy to tell I find myself reminded that I have a blog. And what is a blog for if not to share finds like this.
You know you're Australian when...Canadian when...an Arab when...British when...Italian when...Japanese when...Chinese when...German when...Russian when...Dutch when...Spanish when...Brazilian when...Irish when... Kiwi when... Scottish when...South African when...Cambodian when... Greek when...Kenyan when...Libyan when...Iranian when... Japanese when...Kazakhi when... Estonian when...Papua New Guinean when...Korean when...Indian when...Israeli when... Lebanese when...Colombian when...Ecuadorian when... Kuwaiti when...Portuguese when... Hungarian when...Serbian when...Gibraltan when...Belgian when...
French when... Bangladeshi when...Azerbaijani when...Moldovan when...Peruvian when...Chilean when...Uruguayan when...
There's a bunch more. I think the real point is seeing what people think is distinctive about themselves. The way each group defines itself. Fascinating. I've only read a few but they are funny and revealing.

The other thing was a Metafilter post about the celebration of Holi. The pictures caught my eye but this link about other ways to celebrate Holi made me want to blog it. This is the last paragraph of a story about Kanpur India giving everyone a day of uninterrupted power so they could watch the big cricket match.
However, there were certain localities where power failure occurred due to snags. The private gangs in these areas came to the rescue of locals and resolved their power woes.

Happy Holi gangs of Kanpur!