April 15, 2011

Thanks again, Lefty

Mike Stanfill (aka Lefty) deserves your eyeballs and your cash if you can spare it. He's been publishing a great comic every other weekday at The Far Left Side for years now. His rants are often inspiring and always worth reading. Today he posted a link to this article "9 Things The Rich Don't Want You To Know About Taxes." Take a look at the chart below then go read it. After that, call up your accountant and have him pull all of you retirement out of Wall Street. If you have a company stock package, sell it and buy T-bills. At least they'll still be around when you retire, unlike the stocks which will be belly up while some broker sits on a boat in the Caymans and complains about how ugly and depressing America has become.

Also, today is Steal Something From Work Day so get out there and take a little back. They're stealing your life, your health, and your dignity. Don't you deserve a little something back?