December 19, 2005

god... I've got to do better

The president spoke tonight. A number of FARKers were pissed that he preempted The Family Guy. Just reading comments on it made me want to go get a beer. I can think of a lot of countries I'd swap governments with right now... England... Italy... Poland.

My bandwidth is otherwise occupied at the moment, so not many links.

I can't believe the president confirmed the New York Times story about his illegal wiretaps. Cheney must be rolling in his coffin. On the other hand, as long as we're "winning in Iraq", what do we have to worry about. Once Adam Felbers explains the Iraqi election process you'll understand exactly how much we've gained.

Since we've got the civil liberties taken care of in Iraq and America, I figure it's time to address some real problems. Since Richard Pryor has died, we'll be needing a new Secretary of Education (Gil Scott Heron , The Revolution Will Not Be Televised). Any suggestions?

Is it just me or does Pakistan need some serious help? Earthquakes, weapons, Islamist society, military dictatorship, harboring terrorists, A Q Khan, take your pick. The fact that they are our ally must surely be a case of keeping our friends close and our enemies closer. Like Saudi Arabia.