December 26, 2004

Captain Wrong-Way Peachfuzz L. Hubbard

I stumbled across this story (courtesy of Plep) about a 1943 naval engagement in which L. Ron Hubbard bombed the hell out of some magnetic deposit on the seafloor. The Power of Electromagnetism must have been a stiff opponent, because the battle raged for 2 days and Ron's ship suffered 3 casualties when the ship's gunner shot the radio mast. His first and only naval command the story says.

Now, I'm not entirely sure I have an opinion on Hubbard one way or the other. I haven't read much of his sci-fi. Scientology seems like as good an idea as any self-help religion.

"Whatever makes you happy, whatever gives you hope, even if it a truly tasteless joke"
Bongwater - The Power of Pussy - "Folk Song"

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