December 21, 2004

War is hell... no, really

In a story on NPRs All Things Considered, reporters mentioned the shock and grief experienced by US troops following today's bombing of a military mess tent in Mosul. It mentioned the number of US and foreign contractors killed in the bombing. Now, I know this won't be a popular position, but damn, when you think about how many Iraqi civillians we've killed 14 dead US soldiers and 7 KBR employees is a drop in the bucket. If I were Iraqi I would target the contractors. They're stealing jobs and money from Iraq and the reconstruction. That's like what Wal-Mart does to small town America. People with no hope for a better future see no point in playing by the rules.
Speaking of playing by the rules, today President Bush made me feel a lot better about the torture of foreign detainees with his statement that Donald Rumsfeld is really a "good human being". Since he "is a compassionate man who anguishes over the nation's losses in combat" I'm sure the families of the military dead will understand his use of a machine to sign condolence letters. Words to describe our Sec. of Defense fail me. Let's just call him a danger to himself and others.

This just in: NPR hourly news reports complaints to the FCC about the Athens Olympic opening ceremony include a complaint about an anatomically correct statue. The New York Post says the "statue" was an anatomically correct man, but was not part of NBCs edited coverage.

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