January 02, 2005


Reuters reports the Pentagon and CIA asking Congress to approve indefinite, even lifetime, detention of prisoners at Guantanamo. We've got a lot of damn gall to criticize other governments for "disappearing" people. Perhaps it's just the atmosphere in Cuba. Whatever the case, US "Man In Havana" James Cason tried to shame Cuba over 75 political prisoners. If I were Fidel, I'd storm Gitmo, free the 500 "guests of the Americans", and dare Cason or Bush to say one word. In related (if not new) news Gen. Augusto Pinochet will stand trial on murder charges for the disappearance of some other prisoners more than 20 years ago. What comes around, goes around. I see more beheadings in Iraq in 2005. More disappearances too. I do not envy any American who must deal with the rest of the world right now.

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