January 22, 2005

Three Card Monty: Hubble

I was reading over at Daily Kos about NASA being told to scrap the Hubble space telescope and, although I had heard about it before I suddenly saw the hand of evil at work. Several people commented regarding the defecit and Social Security needing to be taken care of first. Several also commented that Congress would put up a stiff fight to save Hubble. All the pieces were there, then I read a comment saying we should put a list of adminstration figures in a capsule and send them to Mars. The list did not include Karl Rove.

The shadowy power behind the throne; suddenly the plot was made clear. If Congress gets all excited about Hubble, perhaps they will be too busy to notice the Social Security "reforms" or put up much of a fight. I kind of see it like kicking a puppy in one room so so one will notice the murder going on across the hall. Even the media will fall for it.

Now, you may say that this is just paranoid or delusional. Perhaps it is. Time will tell.

And the answer for the Hubble? Private sponsorship.

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