January 15, 2005

Why America went to war with Iraq

Juan Cole has neatly summarized my feelings regarding the embarassing lack of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. If I were a Democrat in Congress now I would be jumping up and down and screaming about this. Instead, everyone is trying to pretend it wasn't that important. Bush's justifications for going to war with Iraq have been like 3 card monty. Now you see it, now you don't. Who wants to step up here and put down 87 billion dollars to find the lucky lady. This could be your lucky day! Or you could be serving an indefinite tour an indefinite war.

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Saje Williams said...

What gets me with all this is how the (allegedly liberal) mainstream media has been remarkably silent about all of this. Of course the TV news signed off on any chance for my respect with their rabid cheerleading and "March on Baghdad" propaganda pieces. Not that I had a lot of respect for them in the first place.

Few people bothered to point out (and those who did were ignored) that invading a country is a far cry from occupying it. And, regardless of this administrations arguments to the contrary, the lack of WMDs is hardly 'beside the point.' At the time it was specifically 'the point.'

Is anyone really making much noise about that now? Hah! Hardly. The Democrats in Congress were cowed by the recent election debacle and are trying desperately to hold on to some semblance of power by contemplating a shift to the right.

Despite being a Centrist, I personally think that idea is insane. Only by encouraging both extremes to meet somewhere in the middle are we going to see anything resembling a reasonable point of view from those in power. Having one side shift toward the other while the other refuses to budge is going to make matters worse, not better.