July 15, 2005

I know Karl Rove smells like tasty blood...

... but we really need to stop this feeding frenzy. My inner predator is just as hungry as anyone else's, but we're scaring the silent majority. Let the law take its course and take your angry side over to The Rude Pundit for some fun.
I'm fairly pleased with the special prosecutor so far. He's being careful and methodical, without showboating. Only by remaining as square and level as a Mason can we hope to bring this administration to justice. Now is the time to study the Tao.

As for him who is highest,
The people just know he is there.
His deputy's cherished and praised;
Of the third, they are frightened;
The fourth, they depise and revile.
If you trust people less than enough,
Some of them never trust you.

He is aloof, as if his talk
Were priced beyond the purchasing;
But once his project is contrived,
The folk will want to say of it:
"Of course! We did it by ourselves!"

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