July 19, 2005

Khalid Jarrar in Iraqi custody

I was introduced to this blogging thing by reading Salam Pax in the runup to the war. He introduced me to Riverbend and Raed. They and the Iraqi bloggers they've led me to have provided a much needed counterpoint to the US propaganda machine. Now the "liberated" Iraq has jailed one. Not a radical one, either, an intelligent young man who's family has a history of humanitarian work. If you want to sign the petition to the Iraqi embassy in DC for his release it's at


We the undersigned demand that the security forces that have detained Khalid Jarrar immediately release him, and that a full scale investigation be conducted into how it came to pass that an individual can be held captive for the sole reasoning of expressing their views. It behooves us as American citizens whose troops are occupying Iraq to demand that Iraq be adminstered in a fashion that protects individual rights.

Personally I think this petition (and most others) is a waste of time, but it's cheaper than going over there and getting things straightened out personally. Unfortunately, personal contact is the best way to understand other people's situations.

To honor Khalid and his blog Tell Me A Secret I add a personal confession. Before 9/11, before Election 2000, back when Rush Limbaugh was screaming about Clinton's sex life I knew America was going to attack Iraq. I knew this horrible, wasteful war was coming and I failed to stop it. I warned everyone who would listen. I voted Democrat. I encouraged others to vote. My failure will cost me every day for the rest of my life, both emotionally and financially.

Now there's a secret that should make The Man afraid.

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