July 20, 2005

Republican Strategy

The Bush administration is working to increase polarization in America. It isn't tied to party affiliation. The goal is simply to create a strong "us" (moral people) and
"them" (LIBERALS) mentality.

Here's the talking points:

Radical ideas like birth control and global warming don't reflect the beliefs of the "majority of Americans". People who believe such radical ideas must be LIBERALS or they wouldn't want to weaken America with immorality and socialism (especially during a war). Many LIBERALS don't believe in God, which means they have no morals. LIBERALS don't support the President. LIBERALS don't support our troops. All LIBERALS do is delay and debate. The LIBERALS will take away your guns. etc.

Thus we see the LIBERAL joining the terrorists as enemies of America.

Pity the LIBERAL Congressman up for reelection in 06'.

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