July 06, 2005

Spontaneous Welcome for President Bush

There's already some good blogging being done on the protest in Morgantown WV yesterday. We neither saw nor heard anything of the President. He was keeping his noble distance. Without further ado, here's my pics. Here's someone else's pics.

Marching to Shibboleth

just getting started

Batman and MAD Men

I really love this sign

and this one

Brazilian bikini wax?

these folks in front here make me proud of my state

oh, look honey, they're protecting us from terrorists

are you sure? maybe they're just making sure that the wrong people don't see the President


a reference to WV Dem. Sen. Robert Byrd, an outspoken opponent of the war up for reelection soon

US World Domination! surely not!

NBC called us unpatriotic

The man with the ponytail on the left was shouting like an Old Testament prophet at passing Republicans. "You're killing your children!"

This Republican didn't seem to agree that dissent is patriotic.

He referred to protesters as "cowards". I took up that cry, saying "blow up the cowards!" and "they might know where Osama is hiding".


Grandma and Aunt Becky hate the president!

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