December 17, 2010

Zappadan 14

Brady over at KIAV has posted some interesting information about Trouble Every Day and the George Thorogood cover I put up. Go check it out be be better informed. I know I am.

He mentioned that Trouble Every Day was known as The Watts Riot Song. That made my little ears perk up because it sounded familiar.

On the bootleg of the Denver Pop Festival from June 27th 1969, which I got with no titles, you can clearly hear Frank introduce the second song as "The Heat's Out Every Night. It's in the key of A and it's just like the Watts Riot Song with other words." I don't know enough about musical composition to tell if it's Trouble Every Day transposed to A or what, but it doesn't sound like Trouble Every Day to me.

Elsewhere this song is credited as Downtown Talent Scout; a song which was only played in 1966 and 1969 apparently. This would fit with Frank saying in Denver that the band hadn't played the song in 3 years. The lyrics to Downtown Talent Scout are the same as the lyrics to The Heat's Out Every Night. The 1966 version appears on You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore 5. Neither song is available to stream so I'll provide the two versions, the 1966 Downtown Talent Scout and the 1969 Heat's Out Every Night for comparison.

Here's the Watts Riot Demo from The MOFO Project/Object. It is recognizable as Trouble Every Day. This is the only recording I could find of anything called Watts Riot Song.

Here's the YCDTOSA5 1966 version of Downtown Talent Scout. I'm not sure but it sounds sort of like Trouble Every Day to me.

Here's the 1969 Denver Pop version of The Heat's Out Every Night (Downtown Talent Scout). It doesn't sound like Trouble Every Day at all to me but it does sound like the 1966 version.

Any musical geniuses know what's going on here?

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microdot said...

'm not an obsessive Frankologist, but in quite a few polls over the last couple of years, Trouble Comin' was rated as the best protest song of all time.
It beat out Strange Fruit by Billy Holiday.
The original Freak Out recording is still the best!
The guitar bites, snarls and burns!
I never liked the rearranged version.
Thank you for posting the George Thorogood version. I had never heard it before and it is a really great cover.
I am going to repost it.