December 13, 2010

Zappadan 9

I wanted to do today's post about Frank's love of cheesy monster movies but YouTube doesn't have Cheepnis or Spider Of Destiny so no go. The third song I was going to use is called The Radio Is Broken. It's about cheesy sci-fi movies.

I like it pretty well and the album it's on has another track that I really like so I guess you'll be getting a Man From Utopia post instead of a giant spider post. Sad, I know, but we must soldier on.


Brady Bonk said...

I'm kind of a fan of this "Cheepnis" montage.

Also, here's a great reference regarding "The Radio Is Broken," which is one of my personal favorite Zappa tracks (especially if it's from the un-retouched LP):

irisclara said...

Good suggestion on the YouTube clip.

I almost went with that but the comment about raising the pitch of the song put me off. I know I should have listened to it before I gave up but I was working on my laptop with crappy speakers in a room with the stereo playing.

Still no Spider of Destiny or Space Boy though.

I read the notes before I posted. They're linked from the best Zappa lyrics site.

I'd be lost if that site went down. I about had a seizure when I thought the Zappa Patio was down.