December 09, 2010

Zappadan 5

Tonight, in honor of the first non-spam comment to this blog in years, I am featuring a couple tracks from Ray Collins. Ray was the original high tenor for the Mothers Of Invention. According to Brady (and Wikipedia but who cares about them, they didn't comment on my blog) Ray was on his way to a real career in doo-wop before Frank hijacked him and he started singing even cheesier music.

I was going to get around to Cruising With Reuben & The Jets at some point but Brady has me inspired to do it now. First, a very sincere song about teen love.

Gosh, that sure is sweet. Not all teenage relationships are that great though. Here's an example of teen angst. The cruelest cut of all.

When your true love doesn't try to call you after saying they would the logical question is always How Could I Be Such A Fool.

If this should ever happen to you, don't be like Ray. Don't Stuff Up The Cracks and turn on the gas.

There's always someone else. Just be patient and you'll find your Deseri


Brady Bonk said...

My Ray Collins post is up at KIAV. Enjoy!

I love "Ruben and the Jets." I love the unique sound; no other record every made sounds like this; even the reverb is unique. I also love how effectively Zappa walks the line here between spoofing this music and adoring it. This is a classic.

Brady Bonk said...

"Tonight, in honor of the first non-spam comment to this blog in years..." may get sick of me. s