February 01, 2005

Bigger than Wal-Mart

In honor of Aljazeera becoming the 5th most influential brand on earth, let us visit those wacky mohammedians and see some of their media spin.

Here's an interesting take on the "what Americans believe" editorial.
... there is no provision in the US constitution, the longest living document of its kind, for a pre-emptive war, and that such a war is an anathema to Americans living today.
US ground units are stretched to the limit, and there is no reserve for a battle elsewhere. These errors would not have been made by the lowest cadet at West Point or a marine OCS candidate at Quantico, Virginia.

Next, for a little comic relief, "Rabbi: Tsunami punishment for pullout"
Last month's Asian tsunami disaster was a form of divine retribution for the world's support of the planned pullout of settlers from the Gaza Strip, a former chief rabbi of Israel has said.
"The all powerful one was angry with the nations that did not help Israel, which wanted an evacuation, a disengagement [from Gaza] ... and this provoked the earth to shake," Mordechai Eliahu said in a religious publication distributed on Monday in thousands of synagogues throughout Israel.

And finally, the buried lead. The already interesting story "Audits: US missing $9 billion in Iraq" includes a revealing last paragraph.
One of the main benefactors of Iraq funds was Texas-based firm Halliburton, which was paid about $1.7 billion dollars out of those funds to bring in fuel for Iraqi civilians. UN auditors have asked for a full accounting of these funds.

If you aren't aware of the gas rationing and such yet, go read what Riverbend has to say.

Dick Cheney should be pilloried.

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