February 13, 2005

Pack Tactics and Rugged Individualists

For those who don't spend their lives glued to their computers it may come as some surprise that weblogs (at least some weblogs) are becoming a major media power. Or maybe the major media outlets are spawning weblogs. Anyway, prominent liberal blog Daily Kos investigated, exposed, and gloated over a White House reporter who was really a Republican Party lackey.

You may already know that the bloggers were the first to call Dan Rather on the Bush military service documents that prompted his retirement. Now they've brought down another media giant. Eason Jordan, chief news executive of CNN is stepping down after bloggers jumped on a remark he made about US military killing journalists. Jordan said he was responding to a comment by Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts that the 63 journalists killed in Iraq as "collateral damage."

Is this mob justice, or is it public accountability? I know I'm proud of the work done by the people at Kos. Digging in the public domain for information on public personalities seems fair enough. I just don't think the personal attacks are productive. Perhaps public figures need to learn better how to respond to internet attacks. The way it's looking now, anyone could be one good blog attack away from unemployment. "With great power comes great responsibility."

Getting away from the incestuous blog world, students at Dartmouth have constructed a 50' tall pirate ship from snow. Beautiful, isn't she.

Also enjoying the winter are the members of the Alaskan Alpine Club, who are building this.

It's 115' tall. You should check out the site and see how it works.

Benito Martinez says he is 123 years old. Doctors in his native Cuba believe he is four years younger than that. Either way, he is probably the oldest man in the world. Congratulations Benito!

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