February 10, 2005

How is China like a giant shark?

giant shark courtesy of snopes.com
I like giant animals.

I was reading this weird story from fark about poisonious caterpillars invading Chinese villages, when suddenly the story jumped from caterpillars to cars. The last three paragraphs on the page are as follows.

Sin Chew Daily reported that more Malaysian Chinese had bought new cars in conjunction with this Chinese New Year compared with last year.

According to report, the Federal Territory Road Transport Department processed about 500 applications per day for new car registration in the week leading up to last year’s Chinese New Year, but this year, the number had increased to more than 600 per day.

It said that JPJ personnel were working overtime for the past week, sometimes till 10pm, to process the huge number of applications.

OK, I'm getting scared now.

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