February 09, 2005

Karl Rove gets budget increase

I just noticed that the top half of this post is missing. That's the part about Karl Rove's promotion to deputy White House chief of staff. I said some clever things about how money must be tight if even Rove has to work two jobs. I don't really remember the rest. Sorry about the mixup.

Bush's former chief speechwriter, Michael Gerson, will become assistant to the president for policy and strategic planning. He will be involved in advancing Bush's "compassionate agenda," such as his faith-based initiative, headed by Jim Towey.
Gerson will also oversee the writing of Bush's major addresses as well, such as the State of the Union address last week. Bill McGurn has become Bush's chief speechwriter.

If he writes good speeches, I'm sure he'll do just fine creating policy and strategy. And he still gets to fuel the Bush speech drinking game with more talk about "freedom" "democracy" "terrorists" and all the rest of the buzzwords you've come to know and love.

It's hard to imagine the president needing to consolidate his power, but there it is. The insiders are closing ranks, leaving the weak and unlucky out in the cold. It's just like he said with the budget, it's "results based". If you promote the agenda, you're ok. If you have the temerity to think you know better than the President of the United States of America, you can take a hike.

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